Achieving needs-based end-of-life services

A prospective, longitudinal study of the pathways for patients with Stage 3-5 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

Summary: Little is known about the pathways of patients with Stage 3-5 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) through health care services to the end-of-life (EoL). This study will prospectively track and map the health service utilisation of patients for up to 12 months while capturing their experiences of health services, quality of life, and supportive care needs.

Aim: to inform the development of health service models to provide sustainable needs-based EoL care services for people with progressive chronic (non-metastatic) life-limiting illnesses.

Progress: we have recruited almost half of the desired number of patients and their carers.

The BASIC-NP Project

(Better Assessment, Support and Interdisciplinary Care – Nurse Practitioner)
Case conferences between GPs and nurse practitioners for patients at end of life residing in the community and residential aged care facilities.

Summary: to determine the preliminary effectiveness of case conferences between the patient’s GP, a palliative care nurse practitioner and disease-specific community services on health service utilisation for patients nearing the end of life and living in residential care and the community.


  1. To assess if nurse practitioner-led case conferences reduce health service utilisation for palliative care patients
  2. To evaluate that acceptability of case conferences by Nurse practitioners, GPs and Community Health Professionals
  3. To evaluate the impact of routine care planning on patient outcomes, family care outcomes, service utilisation and costs.
  4. To identify the core components of a case conference led by nurse practitioners
  5. To evaluate the acceptability and usefulness to telehealth for the delivery of case conferences
  6. To inform a planned clinical trial on
    1. Patient and carer respondent burden
    2. Recruitment strategy and rates

Progress: data collection underway.