Chief Investigators

Professor Patsy Yates
Professor David Currow
Professor Geoffrey Mitchell
Professor Kathy Eagar
Professor Helen Edwards
Professor Lindy Willmott
Professor Ann Bonner
Professor Robyn Clark
Associate Professor Jennifer Tieman

Associate Investigators

Professor Elizabeth Beattie
Professor Alex Broom
Associate Professor Claire Johnson
Dr Nikki McCaffrey
Professor Alexandra McCarthy
Dr Fiona McDonald
Professor Ben White

CRE-ELC Fellows

The CRE-ELC is developing the health and medical research workforce by providing opportunities to advance the training of new researchers, particularly those with a capacity for independent research and future leadership roles. The CRE-ELC brings together Australia’s leading research centres in end of life care and health services research to collaborate to provide a unique multidisciplinary research training environment which is underpinned by a commitment to research excellence and impact. The CRE-ELC directly supports five postdoctoral researchers on varying full time equivalent appointments and fellowship terms.

CRE-ELC High Degree Research Students

The Centre supports the recruitment of 6 PhD students to undertake research associated with the Centre in the areas of health economics, health law, nursing, statistics, health policy and knowledge translation.

Research Program Manager